Continental Interiors, Inc. proudly offers installation services in all aspects of commercial flooring. Our installation professionals are INSTALL Trained, MUST Certified and are all direct employees of our company. We do not employ sub-contract labor. This philosophy allows unsurpassed flexibility in meeting our customers ever changing needs.

Our specific services are listed below:

  • Carpet: Broadloom, Modular, Occupied Lift, Double Stick
  • Resilient: Sheet Goods, Tile, Flash Cove, Heat Welding
  • Ceramic: Flooring, Walls
  • Hardwood: Glue Direct, Nailed Down, Floating
  • Floor Preparation: Self Leveling, Grinding, Patching
  • Moisture Mitigation: Testing, Control, Mitigation
  • Demolition: Removal, Reclamation, Recycling, Abatement